Partner Links

Canine Anatomy – Common Musculoskeletal Conditions and Imaging.
Dr. Jaylene Harris.  (March 2022)

Canine Freestyle and the Canine Freestyle Federation.  Julia Gregory, Board of directors, Canine Freestyle Federation (November 2023)

Health: When to Take Your Dog to the ER.  Sabrina Moore, LVT & Dr. Kathy Hughes, DVM (January 2023)

Nose work – The Gift We Owe Our Dogs. Holly Bushard. (September 2022)

Nose Work – Q&A. Holly Bushard.  (May 2023)

Raising Service Dogs: What Does it Take? Deborah Watrous.  (April 2022).

Search and Rescue (SAR). Jennifer Anderson.  (December, 2023)

Treiball.  Chris Roeder, President of the National Association of Treiball Enthusiasts. (January 2023)