The Happy Ratter’s Philosophy – the goal is for the dog and owner to have a fun, positive, and successful experience while enhancing the bond between dog and owner, and placing a high priority on safety! Fun, trusting environment for dogs and their handlers to hunt vermin(rats) in “urban” settings. 1. A titling program that allows all dogs to compete toward different level titles. 2. A program that encourages camaraderie and support between competitors. The search for rats (safely contained in aerated and comfortable sturdy tubes) takes place in an “urban” setting: trash bags, boxes and barrels, and other items possibly found in a city alley, with the big difference being this is clean trash, new bags with shredded paper, clean boxes, etc. Happy Ratters features various fun games to add variety to the searches, all of which have titling opportunities that test the versatility of the teams' searching capabilities. New games are always on the horizon! Games include Dump Hunter (distance), Earn a Rat (handler control), Rats in the House, Infestation (2-6 rats), Ultimate Distance, Rat Trap (rat tubes galore!), Rapid Rat Relay (4 rats, rapid time), and Double Dutch (team game),